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Holy Quran

Holy Quran

Allah has always conveyed his message to the people of this world through many messengers and prophets. Allah sent another messenger whenever the need for a new guide was felt. A new messenger was sent whenever the message of Allah was changed or forgotten by the people. Holy Prophet Muhammad is the last messenger of Allah, and the Holy Quran is the recent book which was sent for the whole of humanity. This book is for everyone living in this world. Responsibility for its protection and preservation has been taken by Almighty Allah Himself.

The Holy Quran is a sacred book which purifies the souls of the people. It is also present on as an MP3 Quran to make it easier for the people to reach it. Books had also been revealed on many of the previous Prophets as well. No doubt that the fundamental teachings and the Commandments of all the books are similar, but there is a difference between the Holy Quran and the other Holy texts. Those books only contained the Commandments according to the need of a particular person or the period. But the Quran is the complete book. It provides guidance in all the spheres of every human activity. It’s teachings and not limited. There actually for all times and all the conditions.

The Holy Quran is a record of the Revelations and commands that were sent by Allah and were received by Prophet Muhammad. Holy Quran has been revealed to Prophet Muhammad over a period of several years. Revelations started when Prophet Muhammad was in his fortieth year of life. This was the same age when he was appointed as the prophet of Almighty Allah. The Holy Quran was revealed in many portions. The Holy Prophet himself made its arrangement under the guidance of our Lord. The Holy Quran addresses the man directly. It encourages everyone to adopt the right ways that have been told by Allah Almighty in this sacred book.

This book aims at purifying the heart and the souls of the people. It also makes the mind of the men fresh and molds his character. The Holy Quran also gives us a detailed explanation of the life that we will be living after death.  It tells us about the Day of Judgment when we will get the rewards of our good deeds and the punishment for our Evil deeds. This is the main reason that why a Muslim is required to read the Holy Quran on a regular basis. One can also listen to it through MP3 Quran. A Muslim should not only learn the Quran but should also try to understand the central concept behind it. This book should not be read. It should be studied with the aim of living the life by its teachings. Except for going to different people, the Quran or the MP3 Quran should be considered as a source of guidance in all the matters of life. Only this is the way through which we will be able to achieve the success in every field of life.

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